5 Commandments of Smart Dieting

Commandments are rules that if followed to the letter bring about satisfactory results. As far as diet and weight loss are concerned, some fundamental commandments require vigilance to allow you achieve productive results. Unfortunately, most people turn a blind eye to some of these commandments and end up getting frustrating outcomes. But which are these fundamental rules that require consideration to assure weight loss? Below is a comprehensive outline of some of them and their outcome when followed appropriately.

Focus on eating more proteins: If you are in a weight loss expedition, proteins should top the list of foods that require inclusion in your diet. More to stabilizing your blood sugar levels, proteins are also known to deal with hunger effectively. As a result, your fat loss and metabolism rates are accelerated. However, excessive consumption of the proteins may compromise the results. You are hence advised to consume them little by little in all the meals and probably including the snacks that you consume daily.

Consider eating regularly: The belief that your metabolism rate is accelerated by eating regularly is not entirely true. The size of meal you eat determines the boost you get. The primary advantage of regular eating is that it helps you deal with hunger pangs appropriately. If you eat a couple of times in a day, you curtail the chances of food craving as well as the energy lows. Most importantly, it becomes easy to stick to your dieting program.

Prioritize on fresh foods: To enhance healthy eating, an inclusion of fresh foods is a golden rule. Processed foods are at our disposal in almost every store around us. These foods are the key culprits to massive weight gains and replacing them with fresh foods has always been a smart choice. Fresh foods mainly cover all foods in their natural form. Vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and oils and whole grains will assist you in weight loss.

Set short and attainable goals: Setting short term goals towards the achievement of any targeted dream is critical. The same case is reflected in weight loss. It is always imperative for us to focus on what we are doing now and what we expect to achieve. If we set very long term goals like a year, it is possible that we lose track hence failing to meet them.

21 days or 3 weeks is a proven span of time required to change behavior to a habit. It is hence advisable that you set achievable goals within segments of three weeks to help maintain motivation and consistency.

Stop comparing yourself to others: Your body is different from that of others. It is obvious that the expected results are different. We should, therefore, stop comparing ourselves to others since we are leading a personal journey and our objectives are diverse. Instead, make yourself an individual competitor. Compare your status today from what you achieved yesterday. If you discover even the slightest of improvements, then you are in for success.

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